Quick user introduction & instruction guide
Ailira answers tax related questions posed in natural language. You should speak to her just as you would speak to another tax practitioner. The more complex and specific the question is, the better the answer returned by Ailira. Just as “Tell me all about CGT and trusts” is a difficult question for a human, so too it is difficult for Ailira. Instead, try and think of the exact question you want answered and ask that. For example “If I remove a potential beneficiary of a discretionary family trust will that trigger a resettlement for the purposes of CGT?”

In the past you might have tried a keyword search in Google or through the ATO website of “CGT potential beneficiary removal resettlement” and browsed through the results found. You might have to spend considerable time skim reading through unhelpful articles that merely contain those words many times!

Ailira returns only those documents which are contextually related to the question posed — hence precluding and eliminating, any documents which are not pertinent to the question.

Because of the specific nature of the data sources and the preciseness with which questions can be created, the results returned by Ailira are authoritative in nature and of greater value than the multitude of general answers returned by other research engines.

This guide will show you how best you can make the use of Ailira.

1 Asking Ailira Simple Questions
Ailira’s core functions exist to enable complex natural language questions to be asked. However, looking for the tax legal dictionary meanings of words such as “trust” and “what are SMSFs”, is still made possible. By using the “Chat” function or by entering your “simpler” questions into “Discover”, Ailira will be able to come up with an answer that comes from a bank of question and answer (Q&A) pairs. However, for more complex questions we suggest taking advantage of the core functions of Ailira.

2 Asking Ailira Complex Questions
As seen above, questions such as “what is a trust?” can be answered quickly by Ailira. However, the function of interrogating the bank of Q&A operates in addressing complex questions as well as for simple questions. Here, user discretion is key in discerning from where the most appropriate answers can come. Therefore, a question such as, “If I remove a potential beneficiary of a discretionary family trust will that trigger a resettlement for the purposes of capital gains tax?”, is a complex question which may return some direct answers from the Q&A pairs in accordance with her understanding of the question and the manner in which it was posed.

However, the returned Q&A answers may not be sufficient in addressing the entire question. Here, by using discretion based on a human understanding of the answer required. Ailira will best address your complex question through the results tiled below the direct answer, or by clicking on the “Inspect” option.

Be sure to not only “inspect” the “hotspot” highlight, but also the surrounding text as some questions may be complex enough to require an answer which is more detailed and longer than that which can be contained in a single paragraph.

3 Filtering by Categories
Ailira has many databases that she can search through. Ailira content includes Legislation, Court Cases, Private Rulings, Rulings and Tax Topics and Commentary. Sometimes, it is helpful to consider from which one of these sources the best answer can be derived which is relevant to the question you pose to Ailira.

When you receive an answer that does not quite fully address your question, try to explore different “Categories”. This will reduce the number of returned results and so focus on the information you are wishing to find.

4 “Boosting” your results with strategic keyword(s)
Ailira returns answers according to the elements posed within the question. Therefore it is imperative that the questions you ask include all the elements that you wish Ailira to consider. If you need to refine and focus the results to include additional elements or ideas, the “Boost” function will allow keyword(s) or phrases to be added to the original question to enable an answer that is in the true context requested by the “boosted” keyword(s) or phrase. The “Boost” function can be considered as an extra incremental layer, enriching the initial question that was formulated.

Here, the “Boost” function is not a simple keyword search. The meaning of the additional keyword(s) is understood according to the contextual meaning contained within the question. Therefore, by overlaying a “meaning” rather than a mere word, a more powerful search method is used. In addition to the content available to Ailira, this unique function in Ailira enables more dynamic, accurate and precise results than its competitors.

You can also use the Boost search as a place to start your discovery. Simply enter one or more keywords on the general topic that you want to know about into the Boost search. Ailira will then search her databases to come to a contextual understanding of those keywords and will then initiate a final search based on that understanding. This means that you should get a more relevant set of results, rather than merely every document that mentions those keywords. This is a great way to get a general understanding of a broad topic that you can then refine.

5 Finding better answers from a body of text
Having used the Keyword(s) “shotgun” approach, text from the possible answers can be used as follows to create a more complex question. AS you know, text within databases is worded in vastly different ways. The way you can pose a natural language can also be worded in vastly different ways. Should the question posed be worded so differently from the way the documents are worded, you may not come to an answer that directly answer your question every single time.

At this point, you as a user, can find a body of text in any of the returned documents to run a search based off of that body of text. This body of text is selected simply by highlighting the phrases or sentences you believe have closely addressed your question and then clicking on “More like this Text”.

6 Finding better answers from a displayed document
The “More like this Document” functions in a similar manner to the “More like this Text”. When you find a document most closely addressed your question, click on the “More like this Document” button above the document. Ailira will then use this document to find similar documents that have similar content. From these additional returned documents, you will be able to find an answer that is closer to answering, or does correctly answer, your question.

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